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 General Overview of the Realm of Disarray

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PostSubject: General Overview of the Realm of Disarray   Mon Jun 15, 2015 9:50 pm

The Realm of Disarray is a realm branching off from the Nexus. It is the middle-sized dimension full of predators. The Sleepwalkers here have lost their minds and devolved into dark beings with unending hunger. 

      This realm is where all the negative energy cast off the Realm of Order and the Nexus gather. Its existence is necessary in order to allow the Nexus and Realm of Order to maintain their neutrality, but in return it is a cesspool of aggression and twisted minds.
      Souls in this realm are under constant erosion from these dark energies. Their bodies and souls are warped into shadowy forms.
Those eroded beyond humanity hunt to stay sane, for the thrill of the hunt, to try to fulfill their terrible hunger and to gain more and more power by devouring others' energy.

      Sleepwalkers become mindless beasts that hunt endlessly for the sake of hunting. They are filled with an overwhelming hunger and a longing to destroy those who still have humanity left. Sleepwalkers will occasional travel in packs.
     Lurkers in this realm tend to hunt only those who are already instinct-driven monsters. They hunt souls less eroded than theirs to slow the process of losing their minds.
     Lucid usually avoid this realm unless they have a very powerful need. They take large amounts of gear and either travel alone for stealth or in large groups for safety in numbers. It is not unheard of for groups of 20+ to go in, only for 3 or so to return empty handed as the group slowly spiraled into mass hysteria and paranoia.
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General Overview of the Realm of Disarray
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