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PostSubject: Syphen   Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:14 am

Name: Syphen


Usual Form:

Humanoid Form:

Instinctive Form:

Description: Syphen spends a majority of her time in the Realm of Disarray hunting. Her soul has become unstable, making it difficult for her to keep a solid form. She has become extremely close to the element of shadows, to the point of nearly being one with them.

 Having spent an abnormally long amount of time in the Realm of Disarray, she has become skilled at balancing her instincts and humanity to take on a new form that she feels suits her better: a shadowy hound built for speed. When in this form, shadows drift off of her body. The eyes are fully white.

She cannot speak in her canine form, though, so she does take on her humanoid form when needed. Unfortunately, this form has huge claws that tend to scare off those she wishes to communicate with. Those claws are a sign of the erosion her soul has already gone through. Her skin is milky white.

When she doesn't feed often enough, her instincts may take over, forcing her soul into twisted in-between form that dissipates and reforms as it searches for food. Her soul will only return to its normal state if she can feed and/or reign in her instincts. If she cannot do so, she may become just like the mindless Sleepwalkers she consumes.

Age: 13
Time Spent in Nexus: 130

Gender: Female
Race: Was human, now some in-between of human and shadowkind. Her soul is eroded and has taken on many of the characteristics of shadows, much like shadowkind, who are beings made of solid shadows.

History: Syphen lived a fairly average life until she began dabbling in the arts of magic and the sort. She found that although she could, with a lot of effort, explain away the things she made happen with logic, there were somethings that were too out there. Then, one day, her neighbor- a stuck-up child who did anything to get into the adults' good graces- found out she'd been doing the accursed arts and told on her.
Word spread through town like wildfire. She was put under house arrest by the community, and only five days later was kidnapped by a group of people.
They'd been cloaked, but she could still recognize a few by their mannerisms and the ways they carried themselves. She was brought to a cavern just a small way from town and used for one of their ritual. They had been trying to use her as a vessel for a supposedly all-powerful being that would surpass God, but it never happened because the church had discovered the cult's existence and sent its people to arrest them.
The cult refused to be captured and jailed, and killed Syphen and themselves to avoid it.

When Syphen awoke, she was in a peaceful, blissfully quiet and dark place. The Nexus. After sitting in this dark and thinking back on the events, she made it her personal goal to get revenge on the cult, although she wasn't sure how.
So she began searching, and she soon came upon a red, glowing fissure in the ground. Steps were carved into the sides, leading deeper into the glow. Desperate by now for some progress, she followed them.

That was a long time ago. Now the memories have faded. She can only remember the faint rustlings of cloth, muted shouts, the cold burn of steel, and an ever growing desire to become powerful; more powerful than God. She couldn't remember why anymore, but she needed to become powerful to prove someone or something wrong. For that reason, she couldn't afford to stop. She had to keep moving. And hunting.

Personality: Syphen is darkly devoted to becoming more powerful, even though it means risking her humanity and losing her form. Although a side of her longs to make friends- to just live and be normal again, she knows it's impossible. She became a monster for her goal. She had to keep moving; if nobody can keep up, so be it.

The loneliness of the predator.


Element: Shadows.
Role: Lurker. She has nearly no memories: only an insatiable drive to push on that even she can't understand.

Character's Goal:
To become more powerful than God and (although she can't remember this) to destroy the souls of the men who'd killed her for their ritual to summon a being that didn't exist.

Innate/General Skills: In the shadow hound form, she can run very fast (in part due to being a four-legged beast).
In humanoid form and instinctive form, her claws give her extended reach.
Instinctive form and hound form have large, pointed teeth to tear prey apart.
Most of her damage comes from the combo of speed and sharp teeth rather than physical strength.
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