A fantasy-themed RPG forum centered around diversity.
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PostSubject: Rules   Sun Jun 14, 2015 1:15 pm

General Rules

1. Be courteous to others in thread and CB. Do not hog or spam either. Keep profanity to a minimum and use it only for characterization. I.e. Your cutesy character shouldn't say, "Fuck, that hurt!", but your badass, potty-mouth war veteran shouldn't say, "Ouch, that hurt!" either.

2. After a character has been dead 10 (irl) days without revival, they are permanently deceased.

3. Be logical with hits and misses in combat. Nobody likes RPing with the guy who always manages to evade impossible attacks despite the fact he's caught off guard and carrying 300 pounds of equipment.

4. Respect staff. If they tell you to stop doing what you're doing, listen. Even if you don't like it, you're better off just obeying and sending a complaint to another admin if it bothers you. This way, you don't get in trouble for someone else being a crummy person.

5. No explicitly sexual content. It may be suggested that, "Then we left the bar for a night of fun at my place," but that is as far as it needs to go. Nudity is accepted in low doses, but try to avoid it, even if it means having magical regenerating clothing.
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PostSubject: Re: Rules   Mon Jun 15, 2015 11:38 am

Creation Guidelines

1. Characters may be any race you can think up, as long as you can provide proper information and, if in the case of creating a character as part of a race already on the site, make sure you keep it consistent. If someone creates a race that their character is the only one of, you can't be it. If it is decided vampires melt in the sun, your vampire has to melt in the sun, too.

2. Find a picture that looks like a good base for your character's appearance, but it is okay if some details are change in the description of your character's appearance. The description overrides the picture.

3. Make sure you pick a background and personality you can stick with. Don't make your character an alien who doesn't know what anything is if you aren't willing to constantly ask someone what this or that is, et cetera.

4. Try to keep skills, spells and weapons unique. General skills, such as being a race that moves fast, should go in character creation to avoid repeating skills.

5. If your powers/weapon/character is deemed too A.) cliched, B.) over-powered, C.) sob-story-feel-bad-for-me or if your character is magically the last of a fairly common race, such as being the only human or demon, you may be asked to Nerf (change/decrease the power of) your character. In such occasions, follow what is stated in General Rules, rule 4.

6. Generality should be avoided, because it is the details that make individual different.
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